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Restaurant Planner helps with California Health Code & Permits, Health Dept. Requirements & Plans. All Health related aspects of the restaurant.

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Restaurant Planner helps with LADBS. C of O, Change of Use, Remodel, New Construction, Building & Safety Plans & Permits for Restaurant.

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ADA is main requirement in California. Disabled Access is a must for Restaurants. Restaurant Planner will guide & advise you on ADA.

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Restaurants must have grease interceptors. If you're a restaurant with full kitchen & without a grease interceptor you may be fined

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  Dated: 03-08-2007
Restaurant Building Codes and Special Agencies

Building Codes

All your plans, drawings and specifications should be in compliance with the building and health codes that are applicable to your location. If your project is in California, the governing building codes are Title 24, the Uniform Building Code (UBC), Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC); and Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). California Health Code governing restaurants  is the California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law (CURFFL).

Your drawings, plans, equipment and finish specifications should be approved by the following regulatory agencies:

  • County Health Department
  • Dept. of Building and Safety
  • Fire Marshall

Special Agencies

Depending on your type of restaurant, equipment and geographical location, you may need approvals from:

  • An air quality board such as the So. Calif. Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) in Southern California
  • An architectural review board or city planning commission.

And please remember, whether you are building new or remodeling, your restaurant must comply with the “Americans with Disabilities Act.” as overseen by the United States Department of  Justice.

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